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Blog Design And Functionality

Bhauvik Tripathi 29/10/2009 12:00:00 AM

Designing a blog has many similarities to that of designing a website. The core principles remain the same. Your blog design ought to have a polished appearance and be simple to follow.

The main difference between a blog and a conventional website is the manner in which the content is displayed. Conventional sites are more static where as blogs are more engaging. Also the content on a blog is more geared towards inviting the visitor to take part in conversation.

To this end your blog design should match this style so that the visitor can easily engage and interact with the content. Just like when designing a website remember that functionality is of the greatest importance. The key to your success when it comes to functionality is to make the function of your blog simple.

There are two principle parties at play when it comes to functionality. One is the visitor who reads the blog and the next is the search engine spider that indexes the blog so that it can correctly place it into the search database.

Both go hand in hand because it is the search engines who will enable people to find your blog and once those visitors are there they need to be able to interact and find what they are looking for.

As a result of this design and functionality go hand in hand because a poor design will look not only dysfunctional but it will also impede both the search engines and the visitor from being able to access the content and understand it.

As mentioned the key element of a blog is conversation. It is a way for you to communicate with visitors as opposed to trying to sell them something. Blogs relate more to story and conversation. To this end the design elements of the blog should exemplify this theme.

When creating your blog and working on the blog design once again have a clear purpose in mind. What will you be communicating and what do you wish to converse about.

Knowing this will help with blog design because you will be able to prioritize certain design elements that will lend itself to the conversational structure of the blog. The blog design should also enhance the theme of your blog. For example if the blog is about health and wellness then the images and style should match this theme. Every design element should support the next and each component needs to relate back to the main theme. This will improve functionality and will be easy on the eye for your blog visitors.

It will also work in enhancing your message. Just like with web design your blog design should not be too flashy. Remember the key component of a blog is conversation which means the content is of the utmost priority.

Don't overdo it with images as this will distract your visitors, instead use images to support your message, if for example you were writing on the topic of exercise you can use an image of somebody exercising as this will enhance your message.The key ingredient when it comes to blog design is common sense. The design should flow as should the content. It needs to be polished with no loose ends. Design the blog by understanding the needs of the visitor.

Just like in public speaking you need to know your audience as this will better help you to communicate. To add to that you can put the correct props in place that enhance your speech. This is the purpose of design it should enhance your blogs content.

That again is common sense but you would be surprised how many people over look this. Content is king on a blog and all of the design needs to make that content easy to follow. Getting this right will improve the success of your blog. In terms of blog design make sure that the navigation is laid out nicely and that the readers and spiders can understand what is on each post.

If you cover all of the above your blog design will be perfect.