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Essentials Of Blog Marketing

Bhauvik Tripathi 29/10/2009 12:00:00 AM

Blog marketing in effect is all about making your blog stand out amongst the crowd. There are many bloggers out there so you need to be effective when it comes to marketing your blog. Marketing is all about creating awareness. Your first objective will be to identify your market them make them aware of what it is that you have to offer. In other words you need to get your blog in front of your targeted audience.


When it comes to marketing your blog the first thing you need to do is decide on the domain you wish to use. You can use a standalone domain or create your blog as a sub directory of your business website.

In this case your domain would read as follows, or A stand alone domain would be or something to that effect.

Once you have decided on which way to go in relation to your domain the next thing you need to consider is the blogging software itself. The most popular blogging software is WordPress. There is also blogging software called moving type.

Blogging Software

Since WordPress is the most commonly used you can rest assured that it is a solid platform upon which you can create build your blog. WordPress is very search engine friendly meaning that the search engines can easily crawl the content which will quickly get your blog indexed and more importantly ranked for your chosen keywords.


Keywords are the key to getting in front of your target audience as they search for information on the Internet. The search engines are one of the best free methods to drive traffic to your blog. Traffic will be the key ingredient to your success online and is a critical element of blog marketing.

When it comes to keywords you need to do your homework. The good news is that there are lots of free tools out there to help you get the job done. One free keyword tool you can use is the Google keyword tool.

The key to your success is to measure demand and compare it to competition. The higher the search volume and lower the competition the better chance your blog will have to rank for those keywords. After you have chosen your keywords make sure that the title, description and keywords tags contain your desired keyword. Also include variances in the description. Have your keyword in your content and also include words or phrases that relate to your root keyword for each page or post.

When it comes to blog marketing you also need to take advantage of the many tools available from WordPress such as RSS feeds and subscription options. Also take advantage of the various blog marketing plug-ins that are available. One such plug-in you should use is the social bookmarking plug-in.

When setting up your categories use keywords to define each category as this will help the search engines rank your categories by keyword. Also install a site map on your blog and take advantage of the xml site map plug-in.

The xml site map will inform the search engines about the content on your blog and it can also be updated at the times of your choosing.

Blogs also have what is referred to as ping. This in effect alerts the search engines each time you update your blog with new content. Once you have all the site maps in place and are writing content it is time to let the world know that your blog is up and running.

The way you can achieve this is to issue a press release about your blog. In your press release use your main keyword to link back to your blog. Inbound links are very important when it comes to search engine optimization.

You can also write articles linking back to your blog which can be a very effective blog marketing strategy. Articles can drive targeted traffic to your blog and also help with getting your blog ranked. In addition you should invite comments. The search engines love to see blogs with comments as this proves that the blog is interesting and engaging and more importantly that it is constantly been updated with new content.

When it comes down to it, blog marketing is all about getting visitors to your blog and if you follow the guidelines mentioned here you will get traffic to your blog in no time.