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Creating a Business Website - What Elements To Implement

Bhauvik Tripathi 27/10/2009 12:00:00 AM

So you have decided you want to create a business website, Before you incorporate any design or functional elements into business website design you must first and foremost be clear on what exactly you wish to achieve. If you are unsure of the answer to this question then undoubtedly your site visitors will not specifically know or understand what your business website has to offer them.

Think of the visitor

The first element of success is to create your business website with the visitor in mind. The success of any business is based upon its relationships with its customers. Your customer base is one thing but the strength of your relationships with your customers over time will greatly improve the longevity and profitability of your business.

When you build relationships you build a business. Those whom you have a relationship with will repeatedly buy from you for zero advertising cost. The first aspect of any relationship is the initial impression you make when meeting a potential customer for the first time.

With this in mind it is essential that when creating a business website that you make a good first impression. The way to achieve this is to have a professional yet simple business website design.

At no point when a visitor reaches your site should they find it difficult to understand what it is you have to offer and how they will benefit from it.

As mentioned this is why it is critical to be clear on your message and understand exactly what your objectives are when creating your business website. Put this principle to work and your business as a whole will have a far better chance of succeeding.

Now that we have covered the importance of having a clear concise message that is laid out in a clean professional design lets go over the functionality of your site.


In this case you are not just catering to your human visitors you will also need to cater to the search engines so they themselves will be able to understand what your site is about and what each web page covers. It's all very well to have a nice business website but if no one can find it then you will have very little if any opportunity to build relationships with anyone.

Make sure that the structure of your business website is properly laid out and in logical order. Make sure that each page has the keywords that best describe what that page is about. Also make sure that you use descriptive relational phrases or keywords that match the main keyword of that page throughout your content. .In addition do your best to ensure that the navigation is not cluttered or confusing, navigation is a crucial element when creating your business website.

Do not overuse images as they may detract from your message by distracting the visitor. In effect the images you use should support the main theme of your site and enhance your message.

Images can be very powerful when used correctly but they can also be over bearing. Another element to be careful with when creating your business website is to not overdue colours. Too many colours will detract from a professional appearance and you will be in danger of looking more like a circus.

The best word to describe all of the above is balance. Keep everything in its place and as always make sure that each element of design supports the next element. When your images, message and overall design are in harmony your business website will be like a perfect symphony.

Simplicity Rules

Lastly always keep your site simple. The key to online success is simplicity. People do not have time to try and figure out your website. They are looking for what they want and wish to get to it fast.

So on that note keep it simple and keep your visitors happy because happy visitors will visit again, again and again.