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Content Writing For Website

Bhauvik Tripathi 28/10/2009 12:00:00 AM

Content is king on the internet and can be delivered in many forms. Content can be delivered by video, audio or as written content. When it comes to writing content for your business website you must follow one golden rule and that is to never bore your reader.

If you lose the interest of your reader they will leave your business website and more than likely never return. So your content needs to be engaging and interesting.

The best content writing is normally conversational in tone. You should write your content as if you were sitting across from your customer explaining the benefits of your product or service. Use the word "you" as in “you will benefit”, throughout your copy .Your content writing needs to be benefit driven and should weave a story that enables the reader to conjure up pleasant images in their mind of the results they will achieve when using your product or service.

Avoid the over use of adjectives, in their place use action verbs as this is far more engaging. Also understand that emotions are the key ingredient behind sales. People make buying decisions based on emotions .You need to tickle their curiosity and satisfy their emotional needs. To back up your benefits you need to include features. Features cover the logical aspects of the benefits that you outline in your content.

The features will be the very thing your customer will use later to justify their emotional decision. So weave features and benefits into your content outlining the benefits first.

If you can outline your benefits in bullet form. Place the benefits in a prominent position on your site so that the reader can see them easily. Benefits are what are going to drive sales on your business website.

So make sure that your content writing is packed with benefits that will address the readers needs.

When writing your content you need to understand your audience. There is no need writing about how tasty meat is if your site visitors are vegetarians. That of course is an extreme example but necessary to demonstrate the point.

The most important part of your content will be the headlines. The headline is the very thing that will entice your reader to want to read more. If your headlines are poor they more than likely will not read the rest of your content.

Make the headlines pack a powerful emotional punch as this will really get your site visitors engaged in your content.

Now that we have covered content writing for the human visitors coming to your business website lets go over content writing for the search engines.The search engines are a key component in driving targeted traffic to your business website. To this extent you need to make sure that your business website can be found when people are searching for information online.

Those who visit your website from the search engines are far more likely to buy from you. This has been proven time and again. The good news is that Google will help you with your content writing. How you may ask?

Google today is using latent semantic indexing to improve their search results. What this basically means is that within your content Google is looking for synonyms of your main keyword. In the past web masters used to stuff their web pages with their main keyword. Today this is no longer viable.

Google quickly realised that this was an artificial means whereby web masters could game their system to boost their rankings. This not only affected their search results adversely but it also affected the content on those web sites. When your content writing is stuffed with keywords it does not read well.

Today this has changed with LSI. Synonyms will not only help Google better rank your web pages but will also improve your writing which in turn will improve your visitors experience.