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Importance Of A Good Web Design

18/10/2009 12:00:00 AM

The importance of Web design cannot be overstated, as any website needs to be attractively designed to keep the user glued to it. There has to be a perfect balance between the quality of content and attractive web design, so that the user does not get bogged down with too much content and on the other hand, he does not leave the site due to lack of content. An attractive design along with useful content should be the aim of the web designer.

Essential Ingredients Of Successful Web Designs


A Web design should be such that the user should feel attracted towards returning to the site repeatedly. In order to achieve this objective, the web designer will have to use various elements of Flash, such as videos, music, games, attractive design, and vibrant animations. The main undercurrent of the web design for Web 2.0 should be to make the web sites more user-interactive.

Minimum Loading Time


Web design can be successful only if the designer ensures that the download time for a flash movie page is the bare minimum. This is because, most people neither have the time nor the patience for a video to unravel. Moreover, the web design should be such that the visitor to the site is glued to it. If the web site appears to be designed by a professional, it will speak volumes for the company that hired him. Moreover, it’s the first impression that matters a lot in the decision making process of the visitor.

A company creates a website to attract visitors and provide all relevant information regarding its products and services. A website is an essential tool of marketing and the company aims to attract maximum business using its website. As such, the web designer has to keep in mind that the website offers relevant data about the products in an attractive package. The design should be such that it stands out amongst the various sites that the prospective customer might have visited and prompts him/her to visit the site repeatedly. Web design should be such that it incorporates elegant graphics and an attractive visual aura besides rich and informative content.

Web Design Templates


The essential ingredients of any Web design template include designing facilities, such as effortlessness, appealing color contrasts, intelligibility, content versatility, and innermost layout. Moreover, a Web design has:

  • artistically attractive layout,
  • appealing and informative content range in large font,
  • ease of navigation for visitors,
  • great logos that attract the visitors,
  • attractive labels for special offerings,
  • impressive icons at strategic places of the website to attract the visitors,
  • minimum number of columns for achieving simplicity,
  • different color segments for distinguishing different areas of the web page,
  • simple looking design and an individual touch of its own.