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Web Design Services

Shivam has been in the IT industry for a long time now. In our business dealings, we have come across thousands of business websites designs.

Most of these websites were set up with two main goals.

  • Showcase products and services online
  • Converting visitors to clients

Shivam understood quickly that it was the second goal most businesses struggled with. Many businesses struggled to understand the importance of creating a functional website. These businesses assumed that all was required was creating a website and expecting sales to hit the roof.

Shivam has been designing websites and most importantly search engine friendly websites for a few years now. With the combination of design and functionality, we are able to increase visitors to our clients websites and they in turn are seeing their bottom line increase. Shivam offers diverse skills and cross-skilled staff to offer design, support and management of systems specially catered for the small to medium enterprise.

The assessment of a clients requirements, and our solution design strategy pivots on our understanding of their business processes, not ours thus making this solution work effectively and efficiently.

Some of the web design services we offer are:

Custom Web Development

A website is becoming an effective tool as a "shop front" for many businesses. Web development has come a long way from it heydays where a website was built in 5 days and that was it.

These days, there are many complexities added to the web development function and thus, a wider range of industries are opting for a complete web development solution for their business.

At Shivam , we have a simple philosophy, we define web development as

Technology + programming + creative design = Web Development

Our clients are totally involved in the web development process to ensure that our expertise are combined with the business vision to create a functional website.

Internet Marketing

Our Internet Marketing services offers you the best possible way to increase your product reach via our SEM(Search Engine Marketing) services and PPC (Pay per Click) campaign management. Targeted Internet Marketing would guarantee increased traffic to your website providing you a big boost to your overall business performance.

This is only possible with building a brand new website or renovating your existing business website to incorporate elements which are favoured by search engines.


For an online business, it is critical to be online 24/7 without downtime. A such, Hosting services are critical part to any successful online strategy.

Shivam provides a full range of hosting solutions for our business. Our hosting servers are based in Brisbane, QLD and San Diego, California. Shivam provides simple website hosting services to fully manage hosting servers.

Ecommerce Website

Are you new to e-commerce? Are you confused about hosting, payment gateway, multiple payments in multiple currencies, shopping cart, single page checkout and so on?

You do not have to look far as Shivam has the solutions for you and your business. By putting all your ecommerce functionality behind an intelligently designed web interface, we can create a shop front that will appeal to your specific customers and make shopping on your website a pleasure.

Shivam will help you by developing and deploying a custom made shopping cart which allow you to sell 24/7. We take the technicalities out so that your job is to sell,sell,sell! Our e-commerce strategies will ensure that you can connect with your customers on a personal level yet still be able to function as a full scale business online!

Blog Site

At Shivam, we offer a number of different blog packages to suit your budget and business need. There is no doubt, that blogging is leading the way to bring in targeted traffic to websites. Blogging offers many benefits compared to other internet marketing tools.

Shivam has the added advantage of creating blogs with a focus on SEO which not many companies offer. This means that, not only do we design your blogs for you (and offer blog writing), but we ensure that search engines can index your site properly and rank it so that it can be searched by visitors.

Squeeze Page Design

Shivam understands the importance of a squeeze page which is also called a landing page, capture page etc. This page is extremely important as it collects /captures information about the visitors to your site.

Our experienced staff will create a single , yet powerful webpage which includes, attention grabbing headline, bullet point benefits and a form requesting name and e-mail address. The form does not point to any website or links. The visitors can only do 2 things. Subscribe or leave.

Copywriting Services

For a website to be successful, the web page content must be unique and be professionally written. If you have no time to write the pages, Shivam has a pool of writers who can make a difference to your website. Our copywriters write key-word rich content which is favoured by Search Engines. The writing is rich and powerful which is important to capture the targeted market.

Whether you require web content, brochure writing, advertising copy, product descriptions or direct mail, our copywriters will assist you.

Search Engine Optimisation

A Professional search engine optimisation company like Shivam plays an important role in any marketing plan, devised for online marketing. Online marketing is a key factor in gaining customers and profits for business ventures these days. It is no longer relevant to just create website and expect it bring you revenue and profits.

SEO can provide higher rankings, greater brand visibility and more visitors to the site. Hiring professional help for SEO processes can prove advantageous for a business.